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In 2015, with a group of friends, I decided to create a blog to share between us and with the world, a little of what each of us would do during the holidays that year. We were excited about the individual plans, and being so far away, the way would be to follow each other’s travels through the photos and comments left on the world wide web.

Soon, a series of posts succeeded each other and each reading an extreme excitement involved each of the group. Simultaneously accompanying the trips that took place in very different places, we exchanged tips and experiences. However, with the professional life that we carried, the blog was eventually forgotten. Sometimes we even plan to take it back. Without success, we understood that he had fulfilled his mission.

Unlike my friends at the time, I continued traveling and photographing. It’s true that for me it does not matter: a short walk in a small country town can reveal great opportunities. That’s how, in early 2010, I went back to blogging. I gave him a new face and made him my travel record. Since then, the passion for traveling has only increased. I travel more, with more quality and feel prepared to continue traveling, photographing and writing.

In telling my travel experiences, my goal is to help my readers understand that traveling is simpler and cheaper than many of them imagine. Thus, the blog gathers the information and experiences that made me a better and more coherent traveler.


The trips I make and that are published in Pé na Estrada are based on three main themes: ecotourism, adventure tourism and exotic destinations.

Ecotourism | Ecotourism is characterized by direct contact with natural environments and by the accomplishment of activities that can provide experience and knowledge of nature. Thus, the Foot on the Road understands that trips and tours based on a responsible relationship with the environment are essential to train travelers more committed to environmental conservation.

Adventure tourism | Adventure tourism involves all non-competitive adventure activities. In this segment, the Foot on the Road covers activities such as canopy tours, cavalcade, cave exploration, off-road trips, waterfalls, canyoneering, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, rappel, zip line, boating, canoeing, diving, rafting, ballooning, paragliding , parachutes, ultralight and trails.

Exotic destinations | To travel is to leave the routine, is to discover something new. Therefore, nothing better than to take this opportunity to immerse yourself in a world totally different from the one we naturally inhabit. In this segment, the proposal of Pé na Estrada is to offer alternatives to travelers who are looking for destinations that have not yet been explored.


Most of the trips I take are on my own, with no sponsorship or any compensation. And in most cases, I travel without identifying myself as a journalist or blogger. This allows me to identify good points and improvement opportunities in hotels, restaurants, airlines and any other business or company mentioned in my travel reports. The idea is that I be treated like any other customer.

The posts produced from invitations made by companies or government agencies will be clearly identified so that the reader understands that it is an advertising action and also opportunity to know a service, a destination or a program with the objective of evaluating it in all the aspects. All the posts produced based on these trips have in the footer the identification of who sponsored them. On social networks, the publications will be accompanied by the tag #ap, which means that the content is sponsored or has the support of a company and / or government agency.

Besides, I usually stay in every one of the people I know through Couchsurfing, one of the most exciting projects I know. That way, in addition to not spending on hosting, I can see the best of the city by following the tips that the hosts present to me.